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My name is Angel (Happyblacky) and here is a short story about why I created this blog.

After leaving my home country for Belgium, I was greeted by this new “world,” my new home. I needed time. I needed to sit with all the emotions and breathe. I needed courage to embrace this dream I didn’t even realise I was living. This blog was birthed in solitude. 

I was searching….. (I still am) whether for a positive read, a strong image that tells a story through the eyes of a person, poetry or even a quote that I could resonate with. All of these in a quest to find meaning and purpose in life. I became aware of the things I am passionate about and the kind of life I want to live. Thankful for all the pieces put together to create a simple and intentional life, I felt the need to share. I realised I could create a safe space not only for the people I know, but for anyone who is also searching.

My dream is to encourage and inspire people through my writing. I hope that by living an authentic life, as well as sharing my imperfections; it inspires you to find your own voice. I hope this blog inspires you to find your own meaning in life. And if you’re encouraged, to live simply and intentionally

Angel is a conscious creative Nigerian. A writer, storyteller, poet, wife and mother. She studied in Nigeria to become a psychologist but later relocated to France and then Belgium. She is currently living with her family in Eksaarde, a small village on the countryside. She enjoys living in her home amidst nature and animals— a place that inspires her writing. Her debut novel “The days of Silence” will be published in 2021 by Masobe publishing house in Nigeria. 

Feel free to reach out by mail iamhappyblacky@gmail.com

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