About Angel


Angel Patricks Amegbe is a Nigerian writer, storyteller, poet, wife, and mother. She is the author of The Days of Silence,(Masobe books 2021) a poignant coming-of-age story about identity, the unbreakable bonds of family, displacement, survival and the triumph of a woman’s spirit. 
Angel was born and raised in Kano, lived in Abuja, relocated to France, and now lives with her family in Eksaarde, a countryside village in the Flemish region of Belgium. She enjoys living in her home amidst nature and animals—a place that inspires her writing. She holds a Bachelor in Psychology and is currently working on her second book. 
A  simpler life
After relocating to Belgium, I was greeted by this new “world,” my new home. I needed time. I needed to sit with all the emotions and breathe. I needed courage to embrace this dream I didn’t even realise I was living. I was searching (I still am) for meaning and purpose, until I became aware of the things I am passionate about and the kind of life I want to live—a simple and intentional one. I realised I could create a safe space for anyone who is also searching. The name “Happyblacky and blog where I share my journey to a simpler & intentional life, was birthed in solitude. I hope it inspires you to find your own voice. 
I tell stories visually. 
When I’m not writing fiction or poetry, you’ll find me telling stories here. I started making videos during the lockdown in 2020, when I lacked inspiration to write. I enjoy it and I’m now stuck. 
What I love
Books, tea, my son, my family, friends, poetry, walks, love (not in that order). 

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