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Finding purpose through service

We (all) have a fundamental need to be seen. It is human nature to desire being appreciated. Whether we acknowledge it or not, this desire can be seen or felt and in the many ways we try to express ourselves. Either through our work, relationship or interaction. And it may seem as if we’re failing when the desired expectation isn’t met. For someone whose life was controlled by outcomes, I’m learning to focus on the journey, and it has been rewarding.

I started telling stories visually sometime last year when the pandemic hit hard, and inspiration to write was lost. The honest intention was to feel productive and justify the lack of discipline to write. I mean, we were (are) in a pandemic, and some of us struggle with creativity. As I couldn’t keep up with the consistency of putting out a blog post, I wanted to reach my audience in a way that seemed easy. It turned out it wasn’t but, passion grew and I now enjoy it. One year later, I am thankful for a platform that has served as a reference point, saved my job and has allowed me to tap deep into my creativity. By simply showing up and doing what I love, I’m not only serving others; I am gaining clarity and a hunger to learn more about where I’m at—this chapter, where I happily tell stories. To be honest, the future is still unclear but, all I have is now, and my strength lies in how authentic I tell my story; how vulnerable and free I can be while at it.

What’s next?

I have a habit of worrying about what my next purpose is, when the real question I should be asking is: “What is my intention?” Serving others can seem like an abandonment to self, if not daunting. If we desire to see the best not only in ourselves, but in others; we manage to get ego out of the way. We realise how by showing up with passionately, we truly find ourselves. The reward always follows.

How can I serve?

I believe in these: listen to your inner voice. honour your calling. show up with love.
Get ready to shatter the buds and bloom.

With love,
Angel Xx

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