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Simple self-care practices to improve your wellbeing

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self”– Aldous Huxley

I recently talked with a friend who mentioned that self-care is a word that has been thrown around loosely. I would agree to an extent that at the mention of self-care, one can easily picture a long visit to a spa, dressed in a white robe with a glass of champagne or laying in a bath of bubbles. Because why not? If you’re still trying to survive 2020 (and a second lockdown), you’d agree that getting through some days can be a drag. The pressure, especially this year, that comes with performing while uncertain about what will happen next; has left most people feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Yet, there seem to be only one possibility of relaxing the mind and body—a planned trip away from work, hoping it would do. 
Unfortunately. Fortunately, we have been blessed with time to lean inwards, sit with our fears and perhaps seek the things that bring us joy.  

Self-care should not be limited to images we see or how it is defined by others. Caring for one’s self should be whatever it means for you to improve your well-being and at least reduce stress. I’m focusing on a holistic approach: mind, body and soul. Because whether you believe it or not,  these three are connected. While most times, it’s the body that bears the burden, the worst you can do is neglect what is happening on the inside. From what goes into our bodies to what we feed our minds and fuel our spirit, it ALL matters. 
The good thing is that we will always get signs. Those signals that may seem insignificant, which we tend to ignore is our bodies whispering rest.  Self care is not just pleasure. It is finding ways to respond positively to those whispers. And by doing so, we’re deliberately making an effort to lighten our mental load and unburden ourselves. It is important that we make caring for ourselves a priority and lifestyle.

While I cannot define what your care should look like, I’m sharing simple ways you can practice self-care to improve your well-being. 

Your temple. Let’s begin with what we feed our bodies. I am gradually learning to love this body that holds it all together by being intentional with my food. Remember, diets will fade, but a healthy lifestyle is easy to maintain. What you nourish will flourish.

Guard your heart. Protecting your peace is also a form of being well. That includes discerning energies and knowing the kind that you allow into your space. You tend to be more alert when you’re grounded, at your core and doing what you love. That way you cannot easily be stressed out by the unnecessary.

Letting go. Releasing. Finding time to breathe and accepting what you have absolutely no control over can be liberating.

The treat. Do something that relaxes you. For example creating an atmosphere that not only looks but smells nice, awakens the senses. Cleanse. Slowing down and intentionally enjoying a moment, without even doing anything can soothe the body and mind.

Contact. Reaching out to a loved one, talking it out or getting professional help when needed instead of staying in isolation is healing on its own. Contact should not be limited to people, but also your surrounding. You’d be surprised what good a simple walk in nature can do.

To be well, you have to care for yourself. By doing so, you are saying: I am kind to myself. I chose to feed my mind, body and soul good. I am intentional about how I feel. I have no control about what stresses me, but I can control my response to it. Your turn. How are you caring for yourself?

Today, I remembered to be kind to myself and decided to start a 30 days simple joys where I eat/read/do/create/share one thing that bring me joy. You are welcome to join. Use the hashtag #30dyasofsimplejoys if you choose to share.


  • Mercy

    I agree with you self care has been used loosely so many times, also there is a thin line between self care and self indulgence. I’m slowly learning how to practice a healthy self care and body mind and soul are a big part of that. Thank you very have loved reading this 🤎

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