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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace. Jimi Hendrix

DSC05818_ppI stumbled on a heartbreaking video of a mother and her child who were affected by the recent hurricane in Houston. All she kept screaming was ‘no help came for days, my daughter and I soaked in the cold,’ while trying to avoid the disturbing questions of a reporter, who of course was warmly dressed and kept insisting on asking more questions, even after seeing that the woman was clearly not in the right frame of mind to talk. The woman became furious and had to say that, bringing cameras on the faces of people in their worst situations wasn’t the smartest thing to do. What struck me was the manner in which this lady told the reporter off; broken, hopeless, helpless, yet still trying not to be rude.

Someone asked me that ‘if the media doesn’t put news out there, how would we know what is happening? My answer was, ‘there is more of these sad news than the help needed, and the good news.’ Whether In Nigeria, Syria, Iran, Sierra Leone, I believe that there are also good things happening every where in the world, even among us, only if we cared to look.

dsc05668-1It bewilders me that negativity sells more; the media and many so called gossip blogs these days, do nothing but feed people with what they call the ‘juiciest’ news. And we, of course are so eager to bully/shame people, or even try to add to their frustration in the comment section, simply because we have access to the internet and feel we can. It is dehumanising. Stop it! It’s beginning to look like we are more drawn to controversies in the lives of others, rather than taking a deep glance inwards.

The truth is, apart from the general fear this brings to our lives, empathy is slowly dying in us. What is to be done then? I’d say it starts with a little hope and focusing on positive things. Hope doesn’t mean denying that bad things happen, but believing that there are brighter days ahead, after this present darkness (and we could do something to change the world). The only possible way is to begin by changing ourselves, and here are some of the ways I think we can:                                                                                                     Aan zee drie beelden1) Use your platform or any medium to spread love, instead of polluting the world with more sad tales. Choose your news and expand your vision. Simply start by improving your state of mind by indulging in positive treats that will build your life. Buy positive books, or read articles that will encourage you. Share them.

 2) Decide to carry out a random act of kindness, do what you wished would be done to/for you. It could be a little donation for those in need, surprising someone, picking up the phone to check on a distant friend, smiling at a stranger, leaving a tip or paying the bill for someone anonymously.                      

                                                                                                   3) Make a list of positive things to do. I recently began to give each month a theme and try to live by it. August was for sprinkling a little kindness, and since I failed at it, I intend repeating the theme for September. (you’re welcome to join me).  

4) Most importantly, re-evaluate your circle. Don’t be afraid to join groups of like minds, or better still, shred the number of people that aren’t adding any positive value to your life, and likewise. Replace petty chitchats with enriching conversations, because honestly, there is no gain in using people’s problems to satisfy an ego.    

I would like to say that no positive act is insignificant, no matter how little it may seem, the universe takes record. I still believe in a world filled with Love, and it begins with you and I. So congratulations, you have just completed your first positive task by reading this post (lol) and if you’re inspired, do not hesitate to share 🙂 (You never know who might encourage).

Spread Kindness, be the kindness! The world needs Us.

Love, Happyblacky



  • Kehry king

    ‘A good man, out of the good things (love, joy, happiness, kindness e.t.c. ) in his heart, brings out good things …. ‘ Mathew 12:35a. We must, first sanitize ourselves with love and kindness in order to be able to give or replicate or produce same to others. It’s always a beautiful, inspiring notes from you always. Thank you for taking time out to write this piece. Cheers. Kehry king.

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