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Take a ride and don’t look back!

“There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there’s a scarcity of resolve to make it happen” Wayne Dyer

DSC05081_ppI’ve lived most of my life not daring to do or be. I would admire creative people, while putting myself down. The one question I have come to hate is “what do you do for a living?” Especially living in a foreign country as a black female of course. When asked that question each time, I would refer back to jobs I had done back in Nigeria and boost its description just to come across as not stupid. And then finally say I’m learning DUTCH so that a little credit be given and time be bought; given that it’s not an easy language. Lol. A ‘strange’ respond to that question my husband would always give, if he’s with me is “She’s a Writer and a Psychologist in the making, she’s taking online professional courses too and….” a pinch or eyeing always follows. I disliked how he easily gets so confident in spilling out what I’ll never dare to regard to as my creative side.

DSC05088_ppFor long I wondered (still do) why he has so much faith in my work much more than I do. Truth is I’ve always written poetry since I knew myself. I was that young girl walking in bushes with a bag filled with colourful markers and a red diary. Always looking for where to scribble my thoughts down. I bought and read books with my pocket money and I thought I was weird. I even once thought of becoming an author, but baaaaaaah why should I? I will never have what it takes, and so I killed that dream. Fast forward to a decade and half later, I’m glad to say I’ve picked up my pen again after creating instagram and blog pages under anonymous names. (Yes I am writing my first book. Pinch me!) Even though I still fear it may never be published lol.

DSC05028Stepping out of our comfort zone to take risks in life can sometimes be daring, and even frustrating, because no one wants to begin what they’re not sure of will succeed. I say, Fail at it, learn from it and move from it, but most importantly you’ll never know until you dare to take your ride and don’t look back. Not a day passes by and I don’t feel like quitting writing because of fear, but I am not sure I’ll forgive myself if I look back in future to see that I didn’t do the things I had the chance to do.

DSC05169Perhaps you may have been told that you’re such a dreamer even at an old age(that’s okay), remember that your vision can only be disrupted by someone else’s opinion on what what best suits you; only by your consent. According to Wyne Dyer, dare to Hang a bold ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ at the entrance of your imagination and never let other people’s opinion pollute your focus. A mantra I like to recite is: I absolutely have no limit to what I intend to create.’ If you believe this, it will work for you. Dare to dream and become.

DSC05164_ppMay we be gracious enough to stay grateful and true to our gifts/talent before it eludes us.

Happyblacky, Xoxo


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