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The backpack we all carry …

“With everything that has happened with you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift…..Wayne Dyer

The most convenient action man can take in life (I have realized), is to assign blame to others for our circumstances. I have lived a huge part of my ‘young life‘ excusing behaviours I played consciously, and repeatedly. So the rhythm for me has been; If things got bad; it was easily not my fault, and when things are good, I crowned myself with glory. How convenient? carefully filtering unfortunate experiences from the good ones.

DSC04398_pp“Swim out of your little pond” Rumi

Truth is, on the road through our journey in life, there will be bends and bumps, and how you choose to carry on is entirely up to you. It is the same with every situation we find our selves in. They exist for us to respond to. In other words every human is carrying a backpack called ‘Responsibility‘..what comes with different content inside each person’s-Some lightly loaded, while others heavily packed. The only way to be completely free from responsibilities, is to own them as they come, after all our lives is a sum total of the choices we have made.

DSC04370_ppIt’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen”. Muhammad Ali

The assumption that because a condition exists in your lineage or DNA doesn’t quite excuse a concious trait-All of my character isn’t inherited. For example, that my parents failed at marriage doesn’t necessary allow me to end up in a failed one too, it should by all means prepare me to apply whatever lessons learned from theirs.Which is also why I have learnt to affirm only positive things to myself, and repeat them till I become them. Affirmations like; I am not my past, I give love because I am love, I take responsibility for my actions etc.


I believe strongly now, that there is always a lesson from every situation that shows up in our past and present lives, and it is not for us to seek immediate answers or accept them with guilt or pity. Just knowing that there is a reason, sometimes is enough to get us through it gradually. May we all find the courage to take full responsibility for our actions!

Love Happyblacky


  • Adaezen

    I knew that she is up to something when I dreamt about her last night… ride on my happyblacky

  • Zuri

    Please don’t writing, it’s very inspiring. Keep up the good work dear.

  • Ediyemade

    First let’s talk about that outfit you have on!
    I always used to say that something bad happened to you gives you no right to take it out on someone else. When one person molests kids, he gets caught and his excuse is that his parents molested him and I have no sympathy for pple like that. I’m sorry you were hurt as a child and sorry that there was no one to protect you. But come on, paying it forward in a negative way? I’m not about that.
    This is a reflective post Angel Patricks.

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