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Worry, a camouflage of Fear …

” What is in worry that we humans feed on? Chewing every bite with hope that it nourishes the fear of what might not even be” Happyblacky”

DSC_8159_ppOver time, I have come to see myself as an anxious person, that it even became a constant struggle between my faith and realistic nature. Over analysing, trying to be in control of almost every situation, always hoping I can fix every problem at hand, and sometimes being overly concerned about the slightest things that shouldn’t matter much. Things like; am I on the right track in achieving my goals in life? will dreams come true? what does this person think if I say No? Am I a good person? A good partner in my relationship? Will I ever learn to speak Dutch fluently? Is it going to rain or will the sun shine? Is this post I’m writing worth reading?…then I start to get worried…

DSC_8218_pp“Don’t miss the sun today, worrying about the rain coming tomorrow” Unknown

Worry is usually as a result of False Evident Appearing Real (F.E.A.R). And “Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world”. Ralph Waldo Emerson. It turns you into a worrier and you suddenly loose the relevance of living in the ‘now’. Stealing the little joys of the moment. Like me, instead of enjoying the sun last week, the switch of moodiness in my head was literally waiting to come on once I heard the weather predictions (more cold this week, they say) Why? Because my mind is programmed to function that way; happier when the sun is out and feeling grey when it’s cold. I was worried already!

When inessential thoughts comes to your head/mind, here’s what I’ve learned up till now:

-Ask your self if the issue is worth worrying for. Will worrying change the situation?
-Write down a list of your worries (a worry list :)), then try to see if there’s anything to be done about them. If Yes, start working towards a solution.
-If NO, understand and accept that this is the situation at hand and you have not the power to change certain things, instead of dwelling on it, focus your mind with the positive things and those that matter around you. Then you’ll be grateful for the things you have.
-Realize that whatever it is you are anxious or scared about may not happen and fear would only lead you to have an ‘avoidance behaviour’. It is normal to be aware and cautious of things even before they happen, but there should be a balance between caution and worry as to what we try to avoid especially when it’s uncertain.
Let your mind talk to your hormones and beg your soul to double check, before you ruin a good day with worries (these are my man’s words :)).

DSC_8123_ppRemember that “You cannot change yesterday but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow” Unknown . You also have the power of freewill to let things be. (some things in life are worth experiencing), that is the only way you learn your strength. Whatever may be the cause of your anxiety, Don’t worry! Stay Happy!

Love, happyblacky










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