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Happiness ain’t ‘Black or White’

“Happiness is not what you get in life. It is something you bring to life.” Wayne Dyer.

DSC03880_ppHappiness; a pleasant feeling or euphoric state of mind (as many would say). I would agree before now that it is a feeling only exclusive to some, and eluding to others. For the simple reason that some have certain things and others haven’t.

DSC04068_ppFor long I have feared it, begged it, sought it, and today, I can call myself Happyblacky, unafraid or ashamed. And I say this not because I am free from tears, anxiety, or mood swings, but because I am learning the act of resilience and emphasizing the positive.DSC03861_ppEgo says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.’ Spirit says, ‘Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.’ Marianne Williamson.

Seeking happiness and validation in the things we lack often leaves us in an endless chase. The moment we realize that we are our own source of happiness, the less we seek it from others. (and even though we might find it in people or the things we love). It is only long lasting when we acknowledge self before others can love us. At the end of the day, we are our longest company, we might as well appreciate ourselves.image1

As much as it is not expected to be magical, Happiness doesn’t come in black or white, it becomes a habit by practising it in our daily lives. And in my imperfection, here is what I am learning:

-Happiness is unique to each individual. While it may be a collection of materials for some, for others it is those little moments. What brings joy for one, might cause pain for another. Therefore find your own rhythm/simple pleasures and indulge.
-Nurture your thoughts. Circumstances have a way of twisting and feeding our minds with lies like ‘we are undeserving of it’. The truth is Happiness is a free gift, and it is to all. Own it.
-I have learned that one can be happy with problems unresolved. And one way is to switch from complaint mode to gratitude mode. Be grateful for what is left despite what is gone, for all that you have and are rather than the lack of it.image2There is no happiness to be purchased out there apart from the one that lies within you.  I want to believe that we all have the power to be happy and it isn’t far-fetched. I pray we all find the ‘happy‘ in us and cling to it.

Love, Happyblacky




  • Kehry King

    Beautiful piece as always. It is always with bliss and a worthy sense of blithe reading your write ups. Keep the good works coming. Cheers.

  • Ediyefunk

    Great writing oh my goodness!!!
    I totally agree about finding despite having no solutions.
    We were at the food store last week and I was struggling with making a choice between peaches and grapes and the Mr said to me ; “I just thought about the people who can’t afford a simple meal and here we are, having a hard decision for simple fruits”
    and it hit me hard.
    We may not have a lot but we can afford meals and that I am grateful and thankful for.

  • Ediyefunk

    Amazing writing oh my goodness!!!💣💣💣
    I do agree that we need to look on the positive side of things regardless of not being able to solve problems.
    I remember one time we were at the food store and I was having a battle with choosing one type of fruit and the Mr said to me “I just thought about the people who cannot afford a simple meal and here we are, having a hard time choosing simple fruits” and it hit me hard. We may not have a lot of fancy stuff, but we can afford meals and a roof. For that i am grateful and thankful.

  • angelpatricks

    Hi Ediyefunk, trying to read out your name and hoping i pronounced it well. people like you are encouraging. good to see you hear. thank you for stopping by xxx

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