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Life at a Pace, not a Race

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”Lao Tzu

DSC03122_ppIn the world we live today, we all seem to be in a rush, heading somewhere,or trying to finish one thing as fast to get another done, as if we love to wear the badge of ‘busy’ with honour. In the midst of our daily hustle and bustle, there is a voice in our heads that whispers ‘slow down‘ from time to time, if we care to listen.

DSC03259_ppS(top), L(isten), O(wn the moment and live) W(ell) 

Bringing an element of slow in your life doesn’t necessarily mean to put your life on hold indefinitely. It is a concious effort to pause, appreciate the authenticity of the moment and continue living, it is a way of living mindfully. But then how can we find a balance in a world that is constantly spinning? Well this is not an advice, these are things I am still learning that works for me;



-While everyone is busy running on the fast lane, it is a joy to slow down at your own pace,(life is not a competition after all), the slower I go, the more impressions I have about my surrounding and life in general.
-Take care of yourself; As much as some of us are constantly trying to meet the need of others, we can only do that well until we run of our own reservoir of strength, (you cannot give what you do not have any more).
-I learned to walk while running; I stopped beating myself when I can’t keep up running, instead I walk, take time to notice the things around me and appreciate them.
Slow thinking- when I take my time to think and wait for answers I end up making better decisions, (of course not in all cases as I can be very impulsive and sometimes that works too).
-When rush of emotions come into my mind, I try to just breathe for a minute, Releasing all there is to let go by either listening to music or with a book.

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed” Mahatma Ghandhi.

The ‘Life is to short we’ve gotta to rush’ mentality has become involuntarily normal in our lives, we often forget to trust the process. Dedication in whatever we do will eventually yield result and that is Growth, whether it happens too fast or slow. May we all find time to listen to the beat of our own hearts.


Love, Happyblacky



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