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Naija Chritsmas vs White christmas


This would be my second Christmas away  from Nigeria, after many years of dreaming of a “white” one. While I can say I miss the old and only way I’ve known to celebrate this fine season, I can also  say that I love it here now! Of course there are typical things I miss back home when people ask if I do.


From waking up to the smell of fried meat, jollof rice and sometimes chinchin, to now flipping pages of cookery book for new meals to try. From Spying on neighbours to see what they’re up to, who wore the best dress, and most times exchanging meals, to fully minding your business and arranging long tables for a family reunion. From feeling absolutely cool because we could afford a medium size tree which will be reused in the next three years, to having dainty decorations on the real one and throwing it away, because Christmas tree is simply a necessity and can’t be grown in the living room later on. While Some prefer to go seek warmth elsewhere, for Others its a period to reflect, Some, a time to rest and plan for the coming year. Most people make peace this period and write down list of new year resolutions. For others it only means a time to party hard, Some are alone, while others hope to find love…..and the list goes on. In this part of the world Christmas is celebrated the evening before 25th with mostly only family, dinner is held, and gifts bought for each other are unwrapped.


Traditions, for me may have changed, but the purpose of the season remains…Love! I like this quote by Hamilton Wright Mabie that says, “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of Love”. So whether am sitting at the very end of a long table pretending to eat Oyster or waiting for it to snow so I can warm up nicely by the fire, or I’m somewhere laughing and dancing to correct Nija songs, I say I’m happy to be Home…..Home, where love is, right in my heart!”. Not the place, but the collection of moments that will ever remain.


Do have yourself a very merry Christmas, hoping to see you in 2016. Remember to be the love that you seek! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all.




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