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Welcome to the second half of the year. Make this one better!


Nowadays, it is quite easy to shift focus to inessential things. Our response(s) to life no longer align with our purpose, hence priorities are gradually being misplaced. I am also guilty of safely conforming to that norm. But isn’t everyone entitled to what they see as priority? What then is essential in life and what should be our core focus? While trying not to create a general life manual, I believe that our attributes should be like bright colours, beautifying the world. It would be rather unfair to deprive ourselves and the world of these colours.
One powerful thing about us humans is that we have the ability to change our lives and even the world. Yes! Whether as individuals or collectively, it is in fact our duty to create a conducive world for us all… A happy one, which we all deserve. What can we do then? Here are three simple but powerful ways I believe we can colour the world.


Kindness: imagine a world where you and I are filled with so much kindness. A world where the norm is just to be kind to one another, without any motive whatsoever, rather as an intentional way of living. I believe that kindness, even in time of despondency is not impossible, only if we resist the ego that continuously dissuade us. It is not just  powerful, but also contagious, and most especially it is a possibly loving way to live. “When you have a choice whether to be nice or kind. Choose to be kind” Wayne Dyer


Love: In situations where words cannot be said or wouldn’t do much, any act that comes from a place of love will deeply be felt. It is a universal language that everyone understands. It is said that the need to love and be loved is an immanent trait of human beings; I also believe that dispensing love at all times to others will never make us run short of it. And because we come from a higher force of love, therefore it is who we are. “Love is our highest word and synonym for God” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Gratitude: You see, this one is tricky. As humans, the habit of “getting used to” is not unusual. We have also become obsessed with wanting-more (nothing wrong with that) but more is never enough. How often do we stop to look around and make a list of what we are grateful for? Or better still make it a habit of starting our day with only gratitude and refocusing on it even when the need to complain arises. I particularly try to stay grateful for where I am, for the people connected to my life, for love and hope for a better world. It may sound trivial, but I believe gratitude eliminates the ego- which gears our mind constantly to shortage, thereby wanting more. This blocks whatever positive response we expect to receive from the universe.
“The root of all goodness lies in the soil of appreciation for goodness” “Dalia Lama


Whenever circumstances tend to dull our lives, may we remember to colour our world with kindness, love and gratitude. By doing so, we bring colour to one another and most importantly retain the world’s true nature- a wonderful, beautiful and of course colourful one.
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