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Happiness without guilt.

“We live in a universe that has limitless potential for joy built into creation process. If you adore yourself in the same portion that the universe adores you, you’re matched up with the field of intention” W.Dyer

Have you ever felt so happy and at peace with your self, more like a deep sense of contentment, whereby no iota of worry exists? Then suddenly questions like “why am I so happy for no reason? Would this feeling last? But people are suffering and I’m just here foolishly happy” surface. Guilt thoughts start to creep in. Doubt is welcomed, fear is fed and before you know it that joyful feeling is paralysed. We live in a world today where with all the negative things happening, uncertainties and bad economy, to feel genuinely happy can be perceived as insensitive. Therefore we attach our happiness to tangible things and are conditioned to feel guilty when we can’t attain those things or even worse, when we’re happy without them.

Guilt is a normal human emotion, and maybe it is even necessary sometimes to charge us do better. But when it begins to affect your peace, by all means tackle it. Here are some of the tips I am still learning on how to tackle guilt when it arises:

Self-care isn’t selfish: In as much as the need to stay productive would constantly show up and might rub us of our joy, it is very important to prioritise self-care. Never feel bad for enjoying a moment that brought you joy as long as it is not detrimental to others. I am personally of the opinion that once I’m happy, my creativity flow level up and my relationship with people around me flourish, especially with my family.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Simple: I am guilty of that too each time I see an author who has been published or someone that inspires me put out weekly content; the level of guilt I feel is immeasurable. Although I am glad it hardly affects my “slow living” in terms of creating content. For example, I try to to take my time with writing my book and manage to put out content monthly. Most (if not all) of my posts are triggered by my experience in the past month. I tend to share mostly what I have or still experiencing, that way I can stay true to this platform. I have also learned that to each person is his or her unique pace and there’s time for everyone (this post is not to encourage laziness). Never let social media drag you into unnecessary rush. Do you!

dsc04248_ppAccept that you cannot change the world: I will always emphasise on doing my bit; which is focusing on the positive, being the good I intend to see in the world and spread love through this platform. I have also come to realise that carrying the weight of the world will weigh you especially when you feel helpless in situations you can’t do much about. So I just breathe…Life goes on. Like the late singer Avicii sang “I tried carrying the weight of the world, but I only have two hands.”

Note: there is a thin line between consoling yourself and truly acknowledging the reality of a situation. Remember that you cannot pay for the days lost but you can make the present and future days worthwhile. And whenever you’re looking for reasons to why you’re particularly happy and can’t find one. Don’t feel guilty. Just bask and enjoy every moment. (It can be worst being sad for no reason). You can have joy and be a good person.

Live, love and be happy without being a guiltsponge. Thank you for stopping by.
Love and Light, Happyblacky Xxx


  • shimalumíére

    The guilt when i cant do something for someone when the need me to eh. More like a sad feeling anyway. Good read Angie asper usual. Xx

  • Darryl Lambert

    Well done! In my experience happiness comes from within. And, like you, I know I can’t change the world (it’s mighty heavy), but I can change myself (so I did!). I always go back to a quote from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I strive to be the kind of person I would want populating our precious Earth. Thanks for your beautiful blog! (Was that just pineapple juice?)

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