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Path to Awareness

“Omo, when do you feel the most vulnerable? When are you in touch with your core? How does it make you feel? Is it mere fun or a deeper vibration? Does it give you energy? Are you abounding in light?”


DSC09722Omo is the child in me. A name my mother calls me, which actually means child. Those are some of the questions I ask her whenever I feel devoid of the vibration and energy that abounds in me. It would then seem normal that I should always be leaning towards that which brings me joy, right? But it hasn’t exactly been that way before now. Whenever I sense a drift in my life other than what I am called to do, I find myself returning to those questions, and not too long would I feel totally free; but that only depends on how truthfully I answer them. how do I know when there is a drift then?

DSC09577_pp“Desire disappears as you become more and more aware. When awareness is one hundred percent, there is no desire. Osho.

For a long time, I have only nurtured desire. Desire to become the person I dream to be. Desire to serve, be a force of light and abound in joy and love. All these are good, but again devoid of awareness. You see, I cannot portray all of that if I do not function from a place of consciousness that I will become them. And the reason is undeniably; fear, (the longing for something to happen but feeling of unworthy of it, even when it eventually comes).


This kind of fear is tricky, because I was somehow convinced that as long as the desire remains, I truly want it. But longing isn’t necessarily being aware. Awareness leads to pure commitment and that naturally is scary, whether in pursing life goals or committing to a relationship. It makes one feel naked and of course vulnerable. Vulnerability doesn’t always mean unsafe, rather in this case, it is you allowing the limitless possibilities that you’re potentially capable of to manifest.

DSC09607Here is the assignment…..
What is that thing you do that awakens a vibration within and gives you energy? What is that which makes you vulnerable, yet completely safe in just being aware that it is right? Dare to them, for it is the evidence of your spirit reminding you of abilities. So instead of just desiring, I prefer to speak of those things as though they already exist. By affirming, I step into awareness and allow space for manifestation. I say,
I AM a force of light.
I AM all that I hope to become and more.
I abound in joy and love.

Your turn…..
INSERT NAME, ASK YOURSELF (you may use the questions above), then AFFIRM.


Love and Light

Ps. This is not just a motivational post to nudge you into pursuing your goal (which isn’t bad) but rather to take time and pauses when needed. Go on a journey within, search, ask, listen and respond. You will hear. And as long as there is intention, there will be manifestation.



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