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Faith in the face of doubt!

There is healing that comes with hitting rock bottom only if you allow it to manifest.

“I feel the universe, God, is preparing me for the woman I am going to become.”
I remember repeating these words to myself at the beginning of the year. I felt it in my spirit and was so sure of it. A woman who is strong and courageous to share her story. One, who would stand tall even in adversaries and face her fears with faith. But what I didn’t know was how and when events would show up in my life, I was certain (of course) that I would always respond with faith and a positive attitude.
….Until I hit rock bottom.

There, where the only choices left are; to either dwell in the dark pit of misfortune that is drowning you, or create an imaginary light that will eventually manifest itself through you (by) being the light. The latter is most unlikely because in dark times, light is improbable. To even seek it is strive and when effort is made, result is to be expected. We forget that the aim is to remove focus from outcome, but lean towards the illuminating process, which begins to take place in no other place than within. Yes, far-fetched as it may seem, only an act, if not a lifestyle of faith can lead to a connection (inside-out). Faith in the days of adversities can easily imply a status, which is relative to the one who thinks he needs it most. But don’t we all do? But you see, we thrive not only from adversity, but in abundant joy too.

…. Therefore I am not alone, for God is with me.

Everything happens for you and all is available to you. Receive it as it comes whether or not it looks like what is expected. I am learning to trust that: What is asked is mostly given and even silence, when well received, is a full answer too. Everything happening now is preparing you for the person you should be. We can never know what lies ahead until we get there, and there is no such thing as fully preparing. Preparation, if at all, means to be ready to accept your situation for what it is, understand the aspect of what you have the power to change and what you can’t. But most importantly (the hardest part) choosing to turn it into a beautiful experience. This can only happen with a deeper knowledge that a higher force, “the Divine” is always with you. And this prove will come in form of human angels or those tiny moments I call miracles that should be celebrated. If you look deeper, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Without trying to sound insensitive or pessimistic, it is somehow comforting to acknowledge life for what it is—this uncertain journey of ours, yet filled with hope. Life as a journey comes in phases; whatever phase you find yourself, explore and enjoy it, for it prepares you for the next. Above all, just be kind to yourself.

Love and Light

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