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Christmas~In retrospect!  

Hello beautiful people,

It’s that time of the year again when a lot of homes are filled with celebration; families come together and share in the warmth of this fine season-Christmas. Although not everyone feels the need to celebrate because they have no reason to. As the year is rounding up, many are faced with disappointments, loss or loneliness this period. Here is a little truth: it hasn’t been all rosy down here too and no matter what you’re going through, the essence of this season is to extend Love and Joy to everyone around. Try to put a smile on someone’s face and see how it will warm your heart.

I have been reflecting on the last eleven months and in retrospect, experiencing several moments of truth and gratitude, which is one of the reasons I can easily say this is my favourite time of the year. In the spirit of winding-down with the year and getting ready for the next, I would like to share what I call my B & L (blessings and lessons I’ve learned, in 2017)

On purpose, goals and dreams:
– Life has taught me that finding myself is a long journey. One that entails knowing who I AM when connected to the things I love, and also when disconnected from those things that truly define me.
-That growth is vital and it’s a necessary vitamin to personal development no matter how painful the process entails.
-I have learned to acknowledge that I do not know it all. Seek help when in need and source for information that will aid my growth before I proceed to do the work in faith.
-I learned to aim at what I want in life, and not focus too much on what I don’t do not have; rather work on my strength.
-And that unachievable goals are most times the ones we haven’t dared to try. You never know your strength until you put your mind to work.

On compassion and becoming a better person
-I have learned that living a good life is one that should make other people flourish.
-Also that self-compassion is not pity. It is okay to forgive and embrace my imperfections, pain, and past.
-Life has taught me to see God in everyone. Which means to humble myself and realize that I, first, am flawed, therefore replace judgement with love.
-To quit the blame game, take full responsibility for my actions and avoid entertaining any form of pity-party (whether by attending one).

On living consciously
-One of the most important things I’ve learned is GRATITUDE. Nothing is for granted. Simple. I remind myself when I find no reason to be grateful, that things I complain about could be worse.
-There is power in affirmations and writing dreams down. Even greater is, believing in them and doing the work when it looks impossible.
-That sometimes the “gain” we seek is in the loss we pray not to have or are experiencing. Therefore there are no losses, only lessons which I see as blessings.
-That peace is not magical. It is intentional and living with a consciousness that you will have peace despite the storm.
-Lastly, that power isn’t strength, but in the ‘weakness’ of kindness. And I have the power to alter the patterns I have created, as long as they no longer serve me.

In all sincerity, it is still a struggle to live by these, but hey! The aim is to become a better person. Let’s not forget to be the love that we seek and feel free to share what Christmas means to you. I would love to hear from you! Here is wishing you all a warm and joyful holiday. See you in 2018 (by God’s grace). Love, Happyblacky, Xoxo


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