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The Harvest, a reward of love …

“Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant” Robert Louis Stevenson.


I know a place, where used to be a “farmhouse” many years ago before I was born. Though a lot has changed,  the present owner understands very much how to yield from the soil he lives on. I have watched him keenly countless times, planting seeds that blossom in spring and summer. Mostly as beautiful flowers and sometimes food. But one thing I noticed, was a peculiar consistency in the the owner’s behaviour. He goes back to those seeds and frequently waters them. Those times, what I saw was only levelled ground. Perhaps what he sees is the later developed picture of what they would look like, that kept him watering. There are times this owner also experiences bad harvest, but it never stopped him from planting.


DSC05140“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and struggle to reach the light” Sandra Kring

I like to see life as a series of phases. In other words, there is a reason and a season. It all depends on how we choose to see it. The aspect of seeds and harvest is indeed a process, more like preparation. If we see it that way,  then we will realize that we do not need to wait for the harvest, to continue watering the seeds. Therefore, no amount of good you put out is wasted.  As the universe collects it, and somehow it will come back to you. “With every deed,  you are sowing a seed into the universe. Though you may not see the harvest” Ella Wheeler Wilcox

DSC05061_pp“Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, The harvest can either be flowers, or weed.” William Wordsworth

Just like our minds, seeds are sown within everyday. Of which most times they germinate. What then do we expect to cultivate thereafter? Are we filtering our thoughts or allowing garbage in our minds?  We have the power to allow or disallow chaos in our minds. Its all in the shift in focus.


“Feed the mind a positive seed in the morning and harvest the reward all day” Bob Miglani

May we be concious of our thoughts and may we find time to clear our minds of unwanted weeds that won’t yield growth. But above all, may our focus be on the seeds we plant (thoughts and words) rather than the harvest.


Love, Happyblacky

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  • Kehry King

    ‘There’s no amount of good you put out that’s wasted. It comes back to us’. Such an inspiration. Thank you for taking out time to write n to share this beautiful piece. 🙂

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