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Resolve, Unfreeze the fear!

dsc01928_ppAn old important, yet exciting new year’s tradition I adapted over the years was re-opening a list of goals/aspirations I had written down at the beginning of the previous year. It was a form of self-evaluation and also a time to set new goals. While this year, I never had the zeal to do so, as the aim was to live each day at a time.

dsc01896_ppOne of the reasons why I was struggling with writing down my new year’s goal/resolutions, was because I already feared so much that I might loose the joy of living in the present (one day at a time), again I didn’t want to live on the basis of a long term promise to self. I feared that certain goals where unattainable, I feared that I would disappoint myself if they weren’t achieved at the end of the year. And then I realised that I had only begun the year with one word-fear. Only then, did I pause to ask myself; “have I stopped dreaming new dreams?” The answer is a big NO of course.

dsc02033_ppAfter listening to a sermon on “Faith”, I resolved to finally put down my goals for this year and most importantly for the future. And Here’s why I think writing down new year’s resolutions/goals are GREAT;

Its not safe to keep playing it safe: As humans,we have a way of convincing ourselves of a complacent life when in real, we are experiencing stagnation. While staying consistent is healthy/good, change and improvement at some point becomes necessary.
-Setting goals aren’t harmful: It’s not selfish to dream more, and one way to achieving it, is to start by writing them down. It is said that “a dream written down with a date becomes a goal”.  It helps to visualise that dream, and most especially it PREPARES you for them.
Goals are your ultimate reminder: Going back to those written gaols serves as a reminder of your dreams. Far from putting pressure on yourself, that will affect your peace, it is only normal to check and balance with every step taken in order to achieve those goals.dsc02002Although there is a certain sense of responsibility that comes with resolving to pursue your dreams without letting yourself get “frozen by the fear of it.” It is also so much fun when you look back and laugh at the things you had wished for and probably now have them or no longer even need them.It leaves you appreciating the journey to have come this far. That is the head space I am at the moment.

I see writing down goals as a form of discipline and guide that will lead you to your dreams, and who knows, to jump at a good opportunity because you were getting ready for it.


Here is wishing you all a beautiful 2017 ahead, loaded with crazy big dreams that will come to pass.

Love, Happyblacky

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