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HELLO Dear one, (A letter from Angel to Happyblacky)


It’s been a year since I birthed this “Happyblacky blog”, wow! I remember last year by this time, I had shaky hands and doubts before publishing my first post. Today, I say I’m grateful that I did. And of course I am thankful for all the support from everyone who has taken time to read a post or left a comment.


As we grow older, we form habits; part of which makes us who we are or even become. I have formed the habit of taking out time just before my birthday to reflect on the past year. I did so with the intent to count my gains and forfeit all loses; all of which I try to see as blessings. But then, gratitude used to come from things attained, possessions, and in the midst of abundance. This time you (Happyblacky) have helped me to realise that, this way of thinking is not entirely right. Because if true gratitude means a deep sense of appreciation, I can never bring myself to define it, on the basis of mere things.


The peak of my past year has been a collection of moments. Of those spent with loved ones and time alone. Of learning resolve and finding purpose. Of trying, bending, and nearly breaking. Of seeking, searching and silence. Of reaching rock bottom and climbing. And most of all for evolving and growing to become the woman I can say I am genuinely proud of. I know that I do not have it all together, but I do not take for granted what I’m learning from this alter ego of mine; I call Happyblacky.

angel-birthdayshoot-double-pict-2I have learned to listen to that inner voice that says ‘give it a go'(if it fails, you move on to the next). It is for that reason I started this journey as a positive blogger; of which I have no regret. I have learned to push myself even when I’m reluctant or not expecting a reward. I may not have been a hundred percent consistent, but I’m glad I stayed committed to this path. I have also learned that things take time, and after all is said and done, only true passion will keep you going. All this, I have learned from you Happyblacky, thank you very much for being so therapeutic to me. Thank you for reminding me what I stand for each time I drift away, thank you for giving me a reflection in which I can see the path we’ve been walking.


So let me resolve; let’s stay consistent and accept that together we are stronger. That together; we form two wings that allow us fly higher. To get a perspective that will be helpful to discover the huge amount of positivity all over the world.


Thank you Happyblacky and a very happy birthday to you!

Love, Angel


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