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Dear Angel,

Dear Angel (a letter from happyblacky to my other self …),

imageI’m glad you made it to this new year, with those big bright teeth showing off through those lips. I hope you are ready to stretch your mind to a new experience? I also hope you dropped that popular song of yours? you know that”Its a new year new me” album that never made it to the top.

DSC_5508_ppRemember the 1st of those past years, you will say I’m going to drop this and start that and how after a few months you’re back at the same spot? Remember the stickers on the wall of your reading desk about finishing your story and writing morning pages? Do you also remember how you started writing and stopped because you told your self many times how unqualified you are to be a writer? Can you count how many books are laying in your shelf that you haven’t touched? What about the dreams and aspirations you wish to achieve that hasn’t even started manifesting? Oh not to forget the courses you started taking and stopped because you felt you’ve achieved enough. And many more to do list of things yet undone.

DSC_5522_ppHow about starting the year with just picking up from where was stopped; not beating and blaming self for the things yet to be accomplished, or pondering hard on failed resolutions and past mistakes,(stop crying over spilt milk“). Rather than dwelling, why not believing and doing, less of talking and dilly-dallying, planning and taking steps of action, organising ourselves in the manner we wish to be seen, and discovering our inner being through every step of the journey. Gradually Knitting together our vulnerability and strength, our passion and discipline, our courage and fears, owning them all as part of our Core being.


To all my beautiful readers, I say Start if you have to, continue if you’ve stopped and finish if you need to. Like the Nike slogan; Just do it!
I also hope to finish this year stronger than I’ve began, its more than saying its going to be a great year without setting our minds and bodies to work those great things. In all your endeavours, I wish you nothing but the best, and a Happy new year!

Thank you for reading and I hope you find time to do those things you’ve always wanted to do.

Love, Happyblacky







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