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DSC_7846_ppSince I moved to where I now live, It took me while to first get use to my environment, and then begin to like it, before I could confidently say that I love it. But part of what I now love most about it, is the new friends I have made, after a long search for company and alternative ways to kill boredom whenever I’m home alone. They were three of them, one passed away months ago, but these two left; share something I doubt I have seen before.


A very big part of my morning routine is visiting these friends, and feeding them, at first I did it out of duty but over time I found myself enjoying the process, and then the reactions I get. Standing and watching them move and eat with excitement, but the peak of those moments for me is seeing how they share their meal with other friends.

DSC_7645_ppOne day I thought to myself if ducks understood the principal of giving who are we humans not to? Some have placed animals inferior to humans, I have learned compassion from their eyes. But as this isn’t a vegetarian post, here are some of my simple things;


Feeding the ducks and chickens, feeling the soft breeze on my face when I take short bicycle trips, watching the birds, taking short walks while talking to myself(I do that a lot), stealing views of my man while he works in the garden, singing off key to a favourite song, and of course waking up to a bright sunny day!

boots&handsWhat I call simple things are those moments we experience without being totally concious of or in full control of, those things that leave a smile on our faces or in our hearts, tiny moments in between what we call the big ones, for me those are what sums up our days and leave us with memories. So I ask; What are your simple things? Feel free to write them down in the comment box below, and keep enjoying those simple pleasurable moments.

Love Happyblacky



Photographed by: Sven Bullaert

Post inspired by: “the simple things magazine






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