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Finding HOME!

“I am a little bird, waiting for its wings,
waiting for its wings to fly back home.
I got my wings today, and then I flew
only to return to where I flew from,
I found myself a Home where I thought I was lost”. (Happyblacky)


I use to feel like an alien in the land of the known, strangely I felt that way at some point even in my homeland. I felt the need to disappear to a new place and be someone else. Somehow, love landed me in a small village, from the city girl I used to be, to the girl who now rides bicycle, lives within nature and has animals as friends. Gradually the phrase “I miss home” became part of me. I probably didn’t say it much, but the feeling sprung up from time to time.


I was so excited to go back home few weeks ago, only after a few days, I felt I was missing something back here. On my way back, I thought I had left a huge part of me behind, I missed it already, yet so eager to return. Where then is really Home? I realised it wasn’t just the place, but the feeling and mostly the people.

You will never be completely at Home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place”. (Miriam Adeney) 


Many times in our lives, we search for completion in places, or things around us in other to really feel at home in our hearts, I have come to understand the power in embracing life’s odds. Where ever you are, it is for a purpose and time, appreciate it to its fullness. Home after all is where the heart is, be it miles away or near, or even in a person, as long as your your soul connects to it, you’re always there.


“Many release their lonely souls in search for a place to call home, mine is shredded in parts to make others feel like home”. (Happyblacky)

My aim is to love as much to the point where others would feel at home around me. And when I truly miss it, I remember these words; “Just look up, because the moon is the same where ever you go”…and suddenly it brings me back down to earth.


Love Happyblacky
Photographed by:
Sven Bullaert

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