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Valentine … a fail in time…?


It’s that time of the year again when hearts are pounding, some are broken, and souls searching for one common thing; that which is now so much commercialised…”Love”? Or perhaps the the idea of it? 14th February, many would prefer to call it valentine’s day, (a day set aside for lovers) Really? I’m wondering whoever came up with that definition. Of a whole 365 days in a year, so what happens to the other days? But then again if love was so irrelevant why would a whole day be put aside for it’s celebration and can one really outgrow love?


I belong in the category (if there is) of those who count that “special day” as a day after 13th and a day before 15th on my calender. And while I totally respect those who cherish this day and celebrate their love for partners, I choose to remain old fashion by seeing it as yet another day of practising happiness.


Happiness for me; which is being completely in love with myself, loving the people God has placed around me, and reaching out to those I possibly can. You see the trouble I’ve had is that we have gotten so used to saving aside little or big gestures we should show everyday of our lives for barely a day, that when things don’t go as planned we begin to question love. When expectations fail, we become disappointed. I mean simple things like going on a date with a partner, taking a walk together, giving a massage, buying flowers or simple gifts, writing a simple poem, or even reading out any nice one, slipping love notes around, watching the sunset together, dancing, snuggling over a bottle of wine or over a nice film, revisiting dreams and talking about wishes, or just simply appreciating yourselves and declaring love. You would agree with me that these things shouldn’t need a day to do.


I ask; what if we were all hyped about this love, but a little more everyday of our lives? What if those advertisements lasted the whole year instead of just a month? What if people celebrated love more often instead of just a day? What if we became a little more concious about this thing called love? Well maybe valentine is a wake up call for us lacking in love? Maybe its a reminder that we should be the love that we seek….My plea; let’s not just fall in love with the idea of love. Let us be “LOVE”!


Wishing you all a beautiful Valentine’s day!

Love, Happyblacky


Photographed by; Sven Bullaert





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