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The Inner Fight

A while ago, I had a run with an eleven year old, it wasn’t a long one but it felt good seeing a child do what I can and even better. The next day, a nine year old decided to join us, I thought a shorter distance so he could keep up. Then we started at the same pace, only nearly half way through it, I realized I was behind, still running but at a slower pace, literally hopping on my toes if not walking, ashamed to be the only one walking, I called for a stop and introduced a trick of running sixty seconds and walking sixty seconds that way I can find time to rest. Instead they began showing me exercises they had learned from football and called it warm up. I joined them happily, until the nine year old began to run and the other followed, I jogged behind slowly, observing as the muscles in his tiny legs popped up at every step, curious to know how they did it and I couldn’t.


Was it age? I’ve seen older People run better? I wasn’t guessing weight either, I could pass for fit (Well…). So what was it that made them carry on even when they needed to stop? It was the strive to finish the race, and most important to let me know they could. I on the other hand wanted to encourage them to carry on, but most importantly, to tell myself that if they could, I can too.

IMG_0393Having the strength to finish what we start is a daily struggle for some of us, while others are keen at seeing the end of anything. Circumstances in life may have left us hopeless, light headed or even shrouded in and by our own thoughts, we often subdue our faith and feed our fears. I say Push! Push your mind towards a continuous however unwilling goal to finish that which was started, and in the process, enjoy the delays, the so called halts and  bumps life would throw your way, but you see that way we experience something called ‘the inner fight, it is a way of learning and practising our strength that can and will see us through it all. And remember it’s okay to pause and take things slowly (We’re all a work in progress).

It is said that the end justifies the means. I say the journey not the destination. One day at a time, at your pace, in your lane.

See delays not as halts, but a beautiful way of remembering the purpose of the journey at first”!

Love, Happyblacky





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