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Life under construction!

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” Maya Angelo.

DSC05830_ppAs a creative, ambitious or purpose-driven person, when do you feel you’re succeeding the most? Is it only when result is seen or when you feel an evolving in the path you’re committed to? I used to feel like a complete failure when things didn’t happen at a time I expected them to. I would loose interest in starting again. I gave up easily when waiting for something I dreamed of is delayed. Over time, I am learning to be more intentional with my journey and stay focus on the path I have chosen to live. I’ll be sharing with you how.DSC058251) There is wisdom in seeking knowledge.
No matter where you are in life and what you think you’ve achieved, stay hungry for knowledge. Be open minded to receive more insight on (especially) the things that you seem to already know. Try the new and when you come to a place of “all-knowing,” open up for more wisdom. I always say to myself, you may not be good at everything, but you can be best at one thing. I believe that we become better/best at whatever we do by repetition, continuous learning and trying new things, for we cannot be all-knowing.DSC058672) Sharing is caring learning.
Often, people ask why I continue to blog. Why spend time creating images and sharing what I’ve learned? The truth is, for me writing is about thinking, about learning, constantly making deeper connection with my soul and God, while creating. That when I return to that piece, it serves as a reminder of how essential the decision to live a purposeful life is. I just live and continue to be. So yes, whether you’re making a living out of your talent or not; by sharing a part of you, you’re not only adding to others, but you are also becoming valuable to yourself.DSC05824_pp3) Respect the period of transition.
When we aim at bigger goals and have put in work, it is only natural to await the outcome. And when it delays we become miserable. See, what we’re doing is jumping the entire process of transition. Here is how the universe works; it sometimes allows us to experience a waiting period, which might come across as delays, unanswered prayers or even rejection. If we’re aligned with our source, we’ll realise that some hindrances and setbacks we encounter while waiting are simply guised as blessings and lessons for the bigger picture. But that realisation isn’t easily discerned in a waiting period.

DSC05905As a person who loves to control certain aspects of her life, I am learning to live with a mindset that my life is under construction. And the end does not necessarily justify the means for me; rather the essence is in the journey.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the next half of the year!
Love, Angel Xxx





  • shima

    the end indeed does not always justify the means. Everyday is a learning process for me . I have made my life needs, a written mission statement that is open to constant update. Thank you for yet another beautiful piece Angie. Keep inspiring us with your noises. xoxo Shima!

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