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More Intention, less Limitation

I used to believe that all souls wander and are searching…whether for a mate, fulfilling purpose, love etc (still do). But what happens when it finds it? I asked myself. What happens after fulfilment? Do our lives end, and we—human vessels, become whole? I pray for deeper eyes to see beyond earthly happenings.


One thing I have come to realise is that we are spirits, constantly shifting and evolving. Our needs change and we desire more. In one of my previous posts, I explained how desire could obstruct the awareness of how powerful our intentions can be. Truthfully, its wearisome to keep focus on a repeated pattern that might not yield immediate result.
It is in the process of trusting, that we tend to even loose hope sometimes.
Living a purposeful life demands an ‘intentional lifestyle.’ Deliberately choosing to show up even when there’s no reward. Aligning our desires with our actions. Constantly seeing the image of the future in our minds eyes.

When will it happen?

This is a common question asked while waiting. As a person that believes in prayers, I sound almost ridiculous when assuring others of the manifestation of the things they desire. I also have learned to function this way: “You can choose to witness the miracles around you or sleepwalk on them.” Life has not stopped and will not, no matter what you’re experiencing (at least not because of you). Here’s how the universe works: it takes record of both our thoughts, our words, including those we fearfully project sometimes out of modesty. If we think things might work, then truly we’ll end up with results based on probability. If we know that things will work, even when it doesn’t appear so, we will be geared to do the work until it works.

So here’s to going through the ride, however bumpy. Because, now we know that becoming takes work, unravelling, unlearning and living intentionally. As Wyne Dyer said, “The power of intention simply awaits your ability to make a connection.” Participation matters.

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Love, Angel Xx

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