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Happy birthday blacky

IMG_3873I woke up feeling extremely special, of course it’s a special day, so was yesterday. But I’m even more overwhelmed by the love shown to me by loved ones. So I search for words to describe my feeling, all I could find was a soul filled with gratitude and contentment, for Life; to have come this far after many steps of crawling and falling. For its ups and downs; that has shaped me into the woman i have become today. For fear and doubts which has finally made me chosen Faith. For Blessings and Opportunities, some I grabbed, and some I’ve missed, yet with no regrets. For LOVE; that which I cannot bring myself to express other than to say my heart is drowning in a river called Peace and my prayer is that, it stays that way.

imageWhile my normal ritual for the past years had been anticipating gifts and celebration, this year has been more of reflection, that I honestly didn’t want anything for my birthday not because I have all that I need but because I have had all the time I never used. It became for me expecting instead of giving back. How selfish I had become when I know deep down, I have been blessed immensely by people, so I ask my self “What’s the drive”?

IMG_3870It is clear to me now that the path I have chosen to spread positive message (in my own little way), with the intention that one day it fills a soul with hope, love and inspiration is by all means a path I wish to stay committed to. God help me! I even hope the Happyblacky that’s inside of me will grow….Today I feel confident that it will because of the love surrounding me. This blog will be my guide on this path, I know that from time to time it will push my lazy butt out of the sofa to go and write down my feelings. I also hope that it will be a path we can walk together, so if you like, please share or leave a comment.

Thank you  very much for reading,

All that been said, here is wishing me a Happyblacky birthday!, and to all Sagittarians, allow me to be bias, you guys rock! Remember to stay happy and have a fun filled special day!

Love, Happyblacky 


Photographed by; Sven Bullaert



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