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DSC04876_pp - Version 2Who am I? Why am I on earth? What am I here for?

These are some of the questions I go to bed and awake with ever since I started learning and practising how to live a concious life. If you ask if I’ve been able to answer them, my answer would be I haven’t stopped asking them. And in my quest for answers, here is what I discovered; that something in me (I believe also resides in every human) is awaken. It is simply called purpose.

DSC04857_pp - Version 2While some of us are still searching, doubting, drifting away, reassessing or even ignoring this ‘so-called’ purpose. Whether we know it or not; what matters is that it is always going to be the core of our being. And though we are faced with our supposed realities, a purposeful life isn’t one that seeks to be known but rather to impact. I strongly believe that there is more to life than being born into it, existing and dying. Which is why each time I am inspired by something/someone, it plants a seed inside of me that needs to be watered and grown for others to feed from just as I have been fed. It is that way I am learning gradually how to answer the questions above-in bits.

DSC04844 - Version 2Knowing your Who:- Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself. Dr Wayne Dyer. There so much joy and freedom in being yourself and it simply saves you the stress of a worrisome copy and paste life that leads to the unknown. Why become the false version of yourself when the world awaits your uniqueness? 

 Knowing your Why:- This is one that may seem forever to know(and that’s okay), But how you begin to know it is when your life takes a shift and is no longer based on ego but of meaning. You begin to aim at doing something,with good intentions and you crave a desire for it to be substantial. It becomes your reason.       

 Knowing your What:-This one seems tricky, but it simply begs the question-what are those things I am doing that aligns with my why and who I am as a person? It lies in doing what you love that fulfils you and also extends to others. What steps am I taking that would lead to my purpose eventually?

DSC04919_pp - Version 2These steps have nothing to do with what we posses and aspire to be,but what we strive to Give and Leave. And in order for us to really know, we have to ask and be true to our inner voice and be still to listen from God or the universe (as others prefer). There are answers lurking, and waiting to be tapped, and if it doesn’t come immediately, it will still come. I too am still asking, still seeking, and still searching. But in the meantime, I know my purpose isn’t far from “SERVICE WITH LOVE.”

DSC04937_pp - Version 2“Do not die with your music inside of you.” Wayne Dyer

I hope we all begin the journey to finding what our purpose on earth is. Thank you for stopping by.

Love, Happyblacky

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