About “Happyblacky”



I was searching….. (I still am), whether for a positive read, a strong image that tells a story in the eyes of a person, poetry or even a small quote that would brighten up my day. For each time I did, I felt the need to share. Inspired, I realised that I could create a platform and use it; not only for the people I know but for anyone who also seem to be searching.

My dream is to encourage and inspire people through my writing. Thereby combining the things that gives me positive energy and of course share my imperfections with you. I couldn’t find a better way to live that dream other than to start in bits…Here-this platform. After a whole lot of procrastination and postponing, I’m glad to finally say; I let my self go, in the pursuit of where passion leads.

Hi, meet Happyblacky, one of Angel Patricks’ ‘alter ego’. A very warm Welcome to this Happyblacky blog, and I hope to carry you along this journey. Feel free to leave a comment if you’re inspired, or if you wish to collaborate send me a message on;  iamhappyblacky@gmail.com. I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Love, Happyblacky 



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