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SHINE your light💫

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “you owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky. Hafiz

There is a part opening in my window that allows on some nights, the moon to bestow its glow on me. On those days, as I lay in bed totally basking in that moment of glow, one thing that strikes me is that I’ve never felt short of its light. Whether in its fullness or half, and even when the switch in my room is on. It just pierces its light through the dark sky and shine. The same with the sun; it never seeks the permission of the moon to shine during the day. Again it just does. But despite that, both never seem to take each other’s place, and I don’t think the sun ever tries to compete being the moon and likewise. Rather they seem to know their place and even compliment each other.

What is most unique yet common about we humans is that we all carry a light. Call it our profound nature, the energy we posses, the deepest connection to our source, our aura or even a representation of our God-given talents. However dim or bright we choose to set it; is entirely up to us. Unfortunately these days, our decision to switch it “off” or “on” to the world is usually dictated by external factors, namely society and co.

“It’s our light, not our darkness that frighten us” Marianne Williamson

I was wondering, if our light represents our all of the above, why then are we afraid to shine? Why do we limit ourselves to a certain societal standard? Accepting even before trying that the spotlight is exclusive to certain group of people. And by spotlight I do not necessary mean fame, but rather allowing your presence be felt wherever you find yourself, no matter how little your abode is (effortlessly and positively). After all they say love is light, and fear is the dark. If we love what we do and do what we love passionately, we illuminate the world and those around us naturally. For whatever good we let flourish, is done respectively to humanity. By doing so, we unconsciously give others the courage to do the same and we will never know how much our presence tends to liberate others. It all starts by finding purpose.

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within” Maya Angelo

Never be afraid that your light will be too much for people and never try to dim anybody’s light to make yours shine brighter, the sky is huge enough for everyone and beyond. I’d say unbox yourself and let the true beauty and nature of your content be seen. It is the light that connects us all. Let’s all keep shining!

Happy Easter lovelies and thanks for stopping by 🐣

Love, Happyblacky Xx


  • Shima

    If only we could connect with our deepest inner selves to discover and know that we all have 💡 to brighten our space and even others, we‘d never wish for darkness upon anyone. Neither would we want to dim others 💡. (Great piece Angie) as usual.♥️X⭐️

  • Ediyemade

    I totally agree with *Shima. Wishing darkness on anyone hasn’t made the world a better place. I too believe we do all really have lights inside of us. But the stress of everyday life doesn’t give us time to sit back and just, you know, find it!

  • Angel Patricks

    Hello ladies…thanks a lot for stopping by and taking time to read. Indeed no light can be dim by lighting others. Love and light xx

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